Workshops & Series

Please Note: All studio workshops require pre-registration & payment to confirm your spot. 

E transfers can be sent to or payment can be dropped into the locked mailbox outside the studio doors.


Prenatal Yoga Series

7 weeks $80

Tuesdays 6pm

Starts Sept. 27th during free week

Join Mary for a calm class where we can quietly connect with our breath, body and baby. Best for those 12 plus week along, but no experience is needed. Beneficial right up to birthing and beyond!

Please register online at and "Reserve a spot" in the series.

E transfer to confirm your spot. Use the security question/answer- "What night is prenatal yoga? Tuesdays."

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Yoga with Babies
Fridays 11am starts
Sept. 30th with free week
7 week Series $80

Join Mel with your babe (best if they're 7 months & under) for a great, non-typical yoga class! BYOM and Baby! 

Register for a spot online and send e transfers to Security question- "What day is the class? Friday"
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Bible Hill Joyful Yoga

at the Village Hall

8 week Series

Tuesdays 5pm

starts Sept. 20th

$85. Drop ins $12

Join Diane for our class level 1-2 yoga series at the Village Hall. Best for those that have done yoga, with a strong, creative, compassionate teacher. 

Register online for the 8 week series by "Reserving a spot." Use the security question "What night is BH yoga? Tuesday."


Autumns Embrace-Autumn Equinox Workshop

Friday, Sept. 23,2022

6:30-8:30 pm


There is no time like Autumn for a Warm Embrace!

Even before we begin to notice the changing of colors with our eyes, our senses tell us the Natural world is going through a magical transition right now. Summer is fading, stepping aside for Autumn's arrival with all her red-gold/cozy glory!

With Her cooler days, magnificient colored and falling leaves, and beautiful golden light, Autumn gives us space to gently drift toward a more inner focused season of intuitive wisdom, of shaking off, letting go, slowing down, expressing gratitude and enjoying the blessings of the harvest. There is so much medicine in aligning our energies and intentions with the seasons.

Beautiful Women, there is no time like Autumn for a Warm Embrace! You are invited to join us for an evening embracing Autumn with a grateful heart. Tap into the energy and magic of Autumn through embodiement practices of yoga, reflection and gratitude, ritual, creative movement, and playful balance of light and dark, before leaning into a healing restorative practice, guided meditation and deep rest, to support you through the change of the seasons with a warm embrace.


If our AUTUMN'S EMBRACE-AUTUMN EQUINOX WORKSHOP offering speaks to your heart, I invite you to join us by pre-registering at to reserve your spot.


Security question/answer-

Another word for fall? Equinox.


Breathe, Move, Create - Mindfully!

Sunday, Oct. 2nd

2 - 4pm



In this mindful art & movement session, you will explore and re-discover the benefits of process art, which most of us haven’t practiced since we were children.  While creating and expressing yourself intuitively, you may experience a sense of empowerment, self-discovery, mindfulness, enhanced social connection, increased confidence, creative freedom and more!  You’ll leave with your very own original painted works and perhaps even new approaches to creativity – at the easel and in daily life.


Movement of all sorts has been proven to stimulate creativity, so we’ll be groovin’ (with guidance) to some upbeat music now and then.  This is a light-hearted and physically gentle class, all done standing or sitting (no floor work) and suitable for kids 14-114!  Wear comfy clothing and indoor footwear that you can move around in.  Paints are non-toxic, water-based and smocks will be provided.

Led by Terry Stanislow and Shannon Rafuse, both graduates of the Joyful Yoga Beginner Teacher Training Program (2015).  Terry is an artist and has been delivering process art programs in our Nova Scotia communities for several years.  Shannon has been both a participant and assistant facilitator in several of these programs, which have also included equine-informed wellbeing and yoga components.

Register by "reserving a spot"

Use the security question "What day is the workshop? Sunday."