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Joyful Yoga Celebrates 16 years of business is Downtown Truro. 

Please Register online by "Reserving a spot."

If you are unable to attend please cancel your spot at least 2 hours before class start or your card will be punched.

Class must have at least 3 registered or it will be cancelled 2 hours prior.

Morning class is cancelled if school is.

BYOM & blanket

No classes Easter Sunday & Monday.

Beginners Yoga

Absolute beginners start here to learn the fundamentals of yoga. These classes tend to move slowly and are full of detailed instruction. Come as you are and leave feeling nourished, relaxed and focused. Discover what yoga really has to offer in this class that is designed for  those new to yoga.
Intro/ Level 1.

Yoga for Mental Health

Learn how to increase your self-awareness, self-esteem and ability to cope through yoga. You will learn effective tools that can be practiced anywhere to regain control and happiness. This class will focus on standing and balance postures, with lots of twists. This is also a great choice for those with high blood pressure or glaucoma, as we never have the head lower than the heart. Level 1-2.

Rest & Restore

Our Sunday class will focus on Restorative Yoga practices. Utilizing the studio’s variety of bolsters, blankets and blocks , Mary will lead you through fully supported seated and reclined poses that aim to relax and restore your body, mind and spirit.

Flow Yoga

This class will leave you feeling vibrant and energized. The flowing series of postures will create harmony, grace and balance on all levels of breath, body and mind. This class can be both calming and invigorating. Find your personal edge and work with exactly where you are at the moment. Deep and delicious.

Level 1- 2

Weekend Warrior

Calling all Peaceful Warriors- Start your Saturday morning off just right to get you going for the weekend.

This class will leave you with the strength and softness of a warrior giving you room to explore & re-charge.


This class begins with gentle breath work (Pranayama) which builds into gentle movements warming the entire body. Breaking down poses (asanas) while focusing on technique with any necessary modifications to suit your practice. This is a very gentle and empowering style of flow class- You will leave feeling refreshed and limber!

Pre-Natal Yoga

Come, bond with the other moms & take time to replenish & relax. This class will give you tools to assist with pregnancy, labour & parenting by using the breath, body awareness and strengthening your intuition. You will create a strong bond with yourself & your baby. Intro/Level 1.

Bring Your Baby Yoga

This class is a sweet, supportive place to connect with your breath, babe & other new mamas.  We build strength & patience through our breath & community.  Breast feeding friendly & often accompanied by gurgles & gassy babies!

Slow Flow for All Abilities

All bodies and abilities are invited to join Mel Tuesday mornings as we take the time to focus on breath and proper alignment with slow, safe fluidity. This practice will allow you to learn how to deepen into the poses with longer holds to build strength while maintaining the integrity.  Breath work and occasional mediation  will create a well rounded class.   

Power Yoga

This class combines strength and cardio to awaken the body and mind. Sequences work together with the breath while poses both challenge and elevate your practice.

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