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**Joyful Yoga Studio is an award winning studio- recently winning the Truro Chamber of Commerce Award for Best
Fitness Studio & Best Small Business of the Year for 2011 in Colchester!  Thank you to our loyal yogis & amazing
Studio & Joyful Teachers
Joyful Yoga Studio - The heart of yoga in Truro, Nova Scotia
The first space to open in town devoted entirely to yoga - Joyful Yoga Studio
has a beautiful location in downtown Truro on Inglis Street. The spacious
second story location above Inglis Jewelers boasts high ceilings, natural
lighting and an amazing selection of yoga classes to choose from. Joy
Nicholson, owner and yoga instructor is joined by several knowledgeable
and friendly teachers to offer classes for everyone. Remember- if you can
breathe, you can do yoga.
As well as being an amazing physical exercise, yoga offers so much more.
You will leave class feeling refreshed, relaxed and inspired.
Joy Nicholson - Studio Owner and Registered Yoga Teacher
Joy has been practicing yoga for nearly two decade and feels as though she
was born doing it. She took her first class in Bridgewater while working in
Chester at Bonny Lea Farm. She immediately felt more patient, stronger and
more grounded within herself and with her clients.
She loves the calming effect for her mind, the lengthening effect on her body
and the attitude of gratitude that comes from the practice of yoga. She first
began teaching yoga to adults with mental health issues in the non-profit
industry when she moved back to Truro and loved seeing her clients move
beyond the label of their diagnosis. Before long Joy started teaching more in
her community- offering months of free classes- until she opened up Joyful
  Yoga Studio nine years ago. She continues to study the ancient art and has
been a student of Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Dr. Timothy McCall, Nischala Joy
Devi, Beryl Bender Birch, Todd Norian, Jenny Kierstead, Frank Jude Boccio
and Cyndi Lee to name a few.
Joy is delighted to own a studio in her hometown- sharing and connected
  health and well-being within her community. Her compassion, creativity and
  enthusiasm shine throughout her classes and studio space. Joy and her
  studio have been recognized Nova Scotia House of Assembly as Best Young
  Entrepreneur for 2007, Best Small Business in Colchester in 2007 and Best
Small Business of the year in 2011!
Jennifer Stevenson
Jennifer Stevenson is a registered Massage Therapist working at Legge
Health Clinic where she is know as the lady to fix your hips. She is also
working on her acupuncture training which will be completed this fall, and
has graduated from the first Joyful Yoga Teacher Training program in 2008
after many years of personal practice. Full of humour, enthusiasm and such
a generous soul- Jennifer donates her skills to the community often &
graciously. Kids really respond to her playful nature which is backed up by
her fabulous anatomy knowledge. Other hobbies include mothering her two
beautiful kids, singing, running and camping.
Linda Campbell
Linda graduated from her Certified Yoga Instructor 200-hour training
program with Joyful Yoga Studio in Spring of 2009.
From the receipt of her certification she has explored instructing in Beginner,
Flow, Hot, Power, Chair and Ball Yoga. Linda is committed to her time on the
mat in the classroom and in her home practice. She brings to her offerings a
long history of instruction in fitness and a sense of adventure, curiosity and
a light-hearted attitude. Linda highly recommends an open and playful frame
of mind to finding that essential stillness - while in motion on the mat.
Come and get to know yourself...from the inside-out during the noon hour
instruction she provides on Mondays, during Noon Flow and on Tuesdays
during Lunch Crunch. You may find yourself cruising your "edge" and
experiencing an unrealized potential in power and peace!
Diane Mahoney
Diane Mahoney comes from a diverse background. In university she studied
psychology and education. She also has an extensive fitness background
and has always led an active life. She studied dance for thirteen years and
taught it throughout her youth. In university she became a Registered
Fitness Appraiser and a fitness and weight room instructor which she
continued for ten plus years. These days she continues to exercise and
keeps herself busy with her family of five children, church activity and
teaching math, science and yoga at Truro's only French school. Diane took
her first yoga class at the age of seven and has never looked back - giving
her more than forty years of yoga experience. Her journey of becoming a
teacher, through Joyful Yoga, has been an amazing experience and has lead
her to make yoga a daily part of her life - a practice she knows will last a .
lifetime. She is convinced that the many faces of yoga have something to
offer for all of her moods, lifestyle and fitness needs.
Marissa Roode
Marissa is a registered yoga teacher who graduated from the Joyful Yoga
Teacher Training program. She enjoys a number of sports, including fastball,
ball hockey, soccer, and is the captain of her ice hockey team. In addition to
playing sports, Marissa volunteers her time coaching and currently plans to
study in the area of integrative nutrition. Signing on to yoga originally for the
fitness aspect, she discovered that there is so much more to this ancient
practice. “Yoga is such an all-around practice. It allows me to clear my mind,
control my breath, and aids in muscle strength and recovery.” Marissa’s
teaching style is kind and compassionate; her classes will leave you feeling
blissful and energized. Other interests include kayaking, running, and hiking.
Jodie Matheson
Jodie Matheson is from Brookfield. She is married and a mother of a ten year
old boy and an 8 year old girl. She has been a criticalcare nurse for 19
years;mainly in Halifax cardiovascular intensive care. She also works
parttime as an RN at EastCoast Dental Centre in Truro. Jodie is a CanFitPro
PTS and is also a certified Schwinn spin instructor. She has a passion for
health and wellness; and has dramatically deepened this interest since
completing Joy's yoga teacher training program in June 2012. She looks
forward to sharing her spirit and energy with you on the mat. Namaste.
Laura Blois
Laura has recently moved to Nova Scotia from British Columbia and
completed her Yoga Teacher Training Certification in 2013 through Joyful
Yoga. Laura has practiced yoga for about 10 years and believes that yoga
is the best way to de-stress, calm the mind and maintain a healthy balance
in life mentally and physically. Laura is happiest when she is moving her
body on and off the mat. She loves to be physically active and hopes to
become a certified Zumba instructor this year and perhaps even a personal
fitness trainer some day.
Laura has always been passionate about education and has taught French,
Socials and Dance at the secondary school level. She is keen to one day
bring her enthusiasm of yoga into the public school system. Laura hopes to
also bring her creative flair into her classes by combining her love of dance
and music with yoga.
She keeps herself busy and entertained raising her two young boys and
living on a small hobby farm. Other interests include gardening, reading,
hiking and travelling.
Stacy Moore
Stacy attended her first yoga class with a friend several years ago and
immediately felt at home. Falling madly in love with yoga the moment she
took her first step on the mat. Working in customer service for the last 17
years, she would rush to classes on her lunch breaks and after work. She
found it a great way to de-stress and find inner peace. She became
passionate for more knowledge of yoga and entered the teacher training in
2013 at Joyful Yoga.
Now a recent graduate, she hopes to help others to fall in love with yoga as
much as she did. Stacy has an up beat personality, friendly smile and
uniquely energetic flow to mainstream and traditional music and always
looking for new techniques to try. She is excited to teach, looking forward
meeting new yogis and helping others find there love of yoga.
Lynn Marie Mattie
Lynn Marie completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2002 at the
Omega Institute of Holistic Studies in upstate New York. She returned to
Omega in 2003 to complete a 5 month Building Peace from the Ground Up
program, where she studied with shamans, healers and many other
Lynn Marie is the proud mama of her beautiful son, Dane. She is on the
board of directors for the Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia. She loves to
dance, garden, and study all things mystical… especially astrology!
  She grew up on a farm and has been able to intertwine her accounting
  career with her love of agriculture. She currently works as the Director of
  Finance for Blueline New Holland Limited.
  Lynn Marie has most recently been studying yoga with Supriya Dasi of The
  Peace Project to deepen the spiritual side of her practice. She is very happy
  to be back teaching at Joyful Yoga, re-connecting with many of her yogini
  friends. Lynn Marie offers a welcoming safe space for a gentle yoga practice.
  Listen to your breath, feel your body, allow your light to shine.
Mandi Arnold
Mandi’s love affair with yoga started many years ago when she began to
use it to help heal some chronic health conditions. After discovering the
benefits of yoga, she became a yoga teacher to share this healing practice
with others. Being a scientist and yoga enthusiast, Mandi’s interest has
grown to include Ayurveda, which is the healing science that arose in India
along with yoga. She has completed the Ayurveda Yoga Specialist training
through the Himalayan Institute and has studied with Vasant Lad, a doctor
in the field, in New York. Mandi loves to incorporate her science and
Ayurveda background into her yoga classes. In reality there is no separation
between science and the spirit.
Micky Rigby
I began to practice Yoga in my fifties and was started to notice small,
positive changes in my physical, emotional and spiritual health. In 2012 I
completed Teacher Training at Joyful Yoga with a goal of enriching my
personal practice. I discovered that when I teach my wellbeing improves and
gives me much happiness. Incorporating a gentle approach, my hope is to
keep people practicing Yoga for a lifetime and to bring Yoga to people who
have never positively experienced it before.
Kim Smith
Kim is a 200hr certified yoga instructor, having graduated from the Joyful
Yoga Studio Yoga Teacher Training program in April 2016. She is also a
registered social worker with a passion for nutrition. Kim’s focus is on a
detox style of yoga to help cleanse the body, mind, and spirit, and she
hopes to someday incorporate her passion for nutrition with her love for this
style of practice. It was through this style of yoga and cleaning up her diet,
that Kim was able to alleviate pain and reduce stiffness in her sacroiliac
joints caused by a degenerative arthritis. These personal benefits from
yoga, among many others, brought Kim to pursue her yoga teacher training
after 5 years of personal practice. Kim’s pastimes include music, reading,
learning new things, traveling with her husband and experiencing new
cultures, yoga, hiking, running, spending time in the great outdoors, quality
time with family and friends, and playing with their Border Collie Django.
Mel Cotterill
I remember my first experience with yoga, following along with one of those
videos they use to have on TV at 6am when I was a teenager. My yoga path
was on and off after that, until I discovered that yoga was accessible to me,
in my own living room, in my pajamas, while I was at home with two small
children. That is the beauty of yoga, it is always accessible.
As a pre-natal teacher, and breastfeeding educator I thought I was taking
my Yoga teacher training in 2015/2016 to farther my career by offering pre
and post natal yoga, but yoga has become so much more than a career
option for me; it is a way of life.
Yoga has helped me learn to love myself, just as I am, and it is my hope as a
yoga instructor to help others start to catch a glimpse of the freedom that
letting go of your ego, and being present in the moment, can provide. I
teach yoga to bring more peace to the world, one class at a time.
  When I am not on my yoga mat you can find me chasing my kids in various
  directions, reading, crafting, camping, cooking and helping to build a
  community that values families, mothers, women, body positivist, and self
Mary Oatway
Mary lives in Truro with her partner, 3 homeschooled children and a
menagerie of chickens, cats and rabbits. She has been dabbling in yoga
since she became pregnant with her first child and loved the emphasis on
connecting mind and body. Now over 14 years later she is excited to be a
200-hour certified yoga instructor, having graduated from Joyful Yoga
teacher training in April of 2016.
Mary works occasionally as a birth doula and gained her certification in pre-
and post-natal yoga through TAYS in Halifax.
  Formerly a wilderness canoe trip leader, Mary still loves to get outdoors with
  her family, whether camping, canoeing, hiking or gardening.
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